SARANAC LAKE, NY –  League officials made a decision on the Pro Baseball showcase  and league training camp.  With the unfortunate situation that surrounds the Country due to Covid-19 pandemic, the league is making an adjustment to make a 2020 season possible.   The annual league tryout camp will be pushed back to a  later date in the same original month of June.  Instead of event taking place in the first week of June as it has every single year,  it will likely be moved to the last week of June.

The League will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation and will comply with State regulations  to make sure that  all necessary steps are taken to be able to get back on the field.  League official have confirmed that there will be a showcase camp to help many players as all the Pro Leagues that are operating will need players ready to be signed.

“We are willing to move the camp to anywhere in the country that can accommodate us if necessary and at a date that is convenient for the showcase capability of our players. We will have this camp for the simple reason that if the high level Professional leagues are going to be having their season, then we need to be able to provide them with players as needed and that’s the key of our existence .   Our mission is to showcase the talent of the players so that they can be signed to professional contracts.   We will gladly move date and location to the safest possible place where players can show their talent and we will help many players get the opportunity they deserve.   We are going to wait until possibly May 15th when government  authorities will update us and announce if sports can happen and at that point we will determine the final camp date and location in May. But we are confident that we  will have a camp and we will have Empire Baseball this year.  It could be in New York , or Florida but it will be somewhere where baseball can be played.”

With the pro showcase camp being pushed back means  the start of the Empire Baseball League season will be pushed back to follow the camp.  Players need to be prepared to make the necessary adjustments for camp changes. Any questions  feel free to email baseball@empireproleague.com

Camp registration deadlines are still in place . Those looking to take one of the remaining spots available,   click here and register today.

Article by Empire Media


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